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42.               A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT
positions relative to our globe and do not reoccupy the same point in the sky until 2^,827 years have passed. It might, therefore, be said with equal logic, that the Great Pyramid was built 25,827 years before 2170 B.C., when that Pole Star would again have looked down the axis of the entrance passage.
Actually, the entrance passage was set at an angle pointing towards the spot which would be occupied for some centuries by each star which came in turn to keep watch before the Pole. Thus the argument that it was set at Alpha, of the Dragon Constellation, means little, because it has faced other stars too.
The more distant figure was unacceptable because it implied that the human race was considerably older than the five to six thousand years of existence which our theorists thought the Bible gave to man, so they stuck to the nearer one. Every Egyptologist has rightly rejected the nearer date, well knowing from discovered historical inscriptions and records that the Pyramid could not possibly have been built so late.
The Bible is a collection of books more complicated and more profound than appears on the surface. The first five booksóand especially the book of Genesisócannot be correctly read without a key; that key, unfortunately, was thrown away many centuries ago.
Men misread the Biblical records and do violence to their reason in an effort to swallow what these records never attempt to teach. It was thus that we arrived at the delightful position of last century, when geologists, having discovered that the earth's deposits of fossilized animals plainly indicated how impossible was the six thousand years of age assigned to the world, other equally eminent theologians thereupon seriously maintained that God had purposely entombed those fossils in order to test the faithful!
Had our Pyramid theorists not misread their Bible too, they might have accepted the older date and perhaps come a good deal closer to the truth, for the solid stone body of the Pyramid is quite capable of having withstood the ravages of three hundred centuries of time: its strength and stability are such that it will remain standing when every other building on earth has crumbled.
It is, perhaps, in the predictive activities of this school that the reason for the tvide ground it has gained may be seen. The sayings of the Hebrew prophets have been curiously mingled